Usable Xcode?!?!?

My usual user interface experience with Apple software is of the pattern:

  • Feel an app has a shortcoming
  • Work with shortcoming
  • Curse shortcoming in bars / Twitter / work
  • Spend 10 minutes googling to see if someone else has experienced the problem, and find out the feature has been there all along, and has some shortcut key assigned to it
  • Facepalm

So, predictably, when I was griping over the lack of a quick file navigation feature like Emacs' C-X b or Textmate's ?-T, a few minutes googling solved my complaint.

The Open Quickly option (shortcut: ??D ) not only gives you quick file navigation, it also (as shown by the screenshot) gives you quick jump-to-symbol navigation. I can only say: sweeeeet. (And also, facepalm.)

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